XCMG has always kept its vanguard role in Chinese construction machinery industry for 25years.
  • 2810

    XCMG Apprentice Program inspires creative talents with an insightful visit to the company

  • 2510

    XCMG Attends the Achievement Exhibition on Commemorating the 70th Anniversary of China

  • 2210

    [Commemorate the 70th anniversary of PRC founding] XCMG Crane has completed the replacement of Chairman Mao’s portrait on Tian’anmen for 53 years in a row

  • 1910

    XCMG won the bid of the world renowned mining giant Rio Tinto Group

  • 1710

    Keep Spouting for 60 Years! Power of XCMG behind the Largest Oil Field in China

  • 1510

    CCTV-Journey of Discovery! Mystery behind XCMG’s best-selling truck-mounted Crane for 16 consecutive years!

  • 1410

    XCMG Tire Roller has made new breakthrough in Vietnam market!

  • 1110

    50 cranes exported! XCMG-FOTON integrated truck-mounted cranes entered the Middle East market!

  • 1110

    [Commemorate the 70th anniversary of PRC founding] A faint but determined glow will light up the dream of a powerful country in manufacturing

  • 1010

    XCMG Supports Africa’s Development!

  • 1010

    QSTHEORY.CN Published an Article of Wang Min: Growing into a World-class Enterprise

  • 0910

    Building the Belt and Road, XCMG is extremely popular in the 16th China-ASEAN Expo

  • 0910

    [Hexun·High-end Interview] Wang Min: XCMG will make greater progress by mechanism reform

  • 0810

    Xinhua Daily Headline: XCMG in the East of Xuzhou

  • 0810

    XCMG at 4 A.M. with People’s Daily New Media

  • 2609

    XCMG continues the record-breaking journey

  • 2609

    Love and care travel thousands of miles | XCMG overseas people feel warmth despite being far away from home

  • 2409

    Leading global provider of spare parts! XCMG Oman Spare Parts Center has been greatly changed!

      • No.1 among Chinese construction machinery industry
      • No.5 among world construction machinery industry
      • No.2 among Top 100 enterprises in Chinese machinery industry